Cedeo.net is an IT and high-tech company offering multimedia technologies and digital media solutions

CEDEO's mission


CEDEO.net is a high-tech company with the mission to develop technologies and design/implement advanced digital media solutions that hasten the next phase of pervasive media-empowered communication.

CEDEO offers advanced multimedia technologies to improve the business of its clients, in three areas: consulting, multimedia solutions and multimedia services.


Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia Services

CEDEO 's know how covers

  • Multimedia architectures
  • Media compression
  • Transport/File formats
  • Service protocols
  • DRM/Encryption
  • Standards for the above

CEDEO can develop sophisticated multimedia solutions satisfying advanced requirements.

CEDEO's solutions are based on advanced Open Source Software environments in which CEDEO embeds its proprietary software solutions.

CEDEO's WimTV service is based on an advanced standards-based platform that support diverse multimedia businesses.

WimTV offers new ways to make media on the web an economically rewarding proposition

CEDEO is constantly improving its ability to deliver leading edge consulting, solutions and services by heavily investing in advanced research.

CEDEO seeks skilled motivated individuals to join its young team of reasearchers and developers.